CPIC Documents

CPIC Levels of Engagement

Download Link: CPIC Levels of Engagement

Resiliency Class Manuals

Includes: Resiliency Class Participant Manual (English), Resiliency Class Instructor Manual (English), and Resiliency Class Participant Manual (Spanish)
Download Link: Resiliency Class Manuals (.zip)


Includes: CPIC Administrator Consent for DMH, CPIC Administrator Consent, CPIC Client Enrollment Consent, CPIC Client Screening Consent, CPIC Provider Consent for DMH, and CPIC Provider Consent.
Download Link: CPIC Consents (.zip)

CPIC Measures

Includes: CPIC Administrator Baseline Survey, CPIC Administrator Follow Up Survey, CPIC Provider Baseline Survey, CPIC Provider Follow Up Survey, CPIC Client Screener, CPIC Client Baseline Questionnaire, CPIC Client Baseline MINI, CPIC Client 6 month Questionnaire, CPIC Client 12 month Questionnaire, and CPIC Client 3 year Questionnaire.
Download Link: CPIC Measures (.zip) 

CPIC MOU (Memorandum of Understanding)

This is the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed by the executive council partner agencies.
Download Link: CPIC MOU (PDF)